Industrial Application

Jaga China has expanded its presence in industrial applications, particularly in response to the global emphasis on energy security and sustainability. With increasing concerns about energy safety, clean energy sources such as solar power, wind energy, and heat pumps are gaining importance for building a sustainable world. However, the development costs associated with these sources are not always straightforward or environmentally friendly.

In China, the electric car industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with China becoming the top exporter of electric cars by the end of 2023. Many cities in China are embracing electric vehicles (EVs), with government vehicles and even taxis transitioning to electric power.

Consequently, there is a rising demand for battery air conditioners, also known as battery thermal management systems. In response to this demand, Jaga China developed a range of battery thermal management system products in 2022. By the end of 2023, these products became a key driver of sales growth for the company.

Our battery thermal management units cater to various applications, including container power stations and car battery replacement stations. In fact, in 2023 alone, China saw the construction of over 10,000 car battery replacement stations, primarily serving electric car manufacturers like Tesla and NIO.

This expansion into battery thermal management systems underscores Jaga China's commitment to innovation and addressing emerging market needs in the rapidly evolving landscape of clean energy and electric transportation.

In 2024, China is slated to construct more than 3000 car battery swap stations, inspired by models such as Nio Electric Car's battery swap stations. This significant investment reflects China's commitment to advancing electric vehicle infrastructure and promoting sustainable transportation solutions. By expanding the availability of battery swap stations, China aims to address concerns related to EV range anxiety and facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. This initiative underscores China's proactive approach to supporting the growth of the electric vehicle market and reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

European Design
Our heat pumps are meticulously crafted in Belgium, embodying the renowned European standards of excellence. With a focus on energy efficiency and top-tier performance, our designs seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics. Experience the pinnacle of energy-saving innovation and efficiency with our European-designed heat pumps.
Development and Production in China
Benefitting from our high-efficiency research and development capabilities and an integrated supply chain in China, we are able to swiftly introduce our new generations of heat pumps to the market. Our streamlined processes and close collaboration with local partners enable rapid innovation and production, ensuring that our cutting-edge heat pump technologies are promptly available to meet the needs of our customers.
Super Low Noise Level
Our heat pump's excellent structural design enables us to achieve an exceptionally low noise level. Through meticulous engineering and innovative techniques, we prioritize noise control, ensuring that our heat pumps operate at a super low level. Enjoy the comfort of a quiet environment without compromising on performance with our noise-conscious heat pump solutions.
Support by Link & Care Platform®
Our team has developed the Link & Care platform®, a sophisticated system designed to provide comprehensive support for our heat pump users. This platform, tailored to our customers' needs, offers a range of features including monitoring, diagnostics, and remote control capabilities. Furthermore, the Link & Care platform can be customized as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) solution for our heat pump customers, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality. Experience unparalleled support and control with our innovative Link & Care platform.
Green Clean Technology
The heat pump plays an increasingly vital role in the global energy-saving industry. With its ability to efficiently transfer heat from one location to another, the heat pump technology contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact. As sustainability becomes a top priority worldwide, heat pumps emerge as a key solution for achieving cleaner and greener energy usage across various sectors.
Easy Maintenance and Service
Our heat pumps are designed with user-friendly package designs that facilitate effortless site installation and maintenance. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, our packaging ensures that technicians can quickly and easily perform routine maintenance tasks, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Experience hassle-free servicing and upkeep with our thoughtfully designed heat pump packages.
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