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Jan Kriekels

Focussing on innovation and creativity since its foundation in 1962, Jaga has grown into the leading radiator factory in Europe.

Jaga stands for a corporate culture of durability, creativity and social responsibility, something that we apply to our relationships with clients, suppliers and employees.

Jaga breaks through the traditional way of thinking and has been surprising the heating market with numerous new concepts and products for decades, both on the aesthetic and the technical level.

Active in over 40 countries, Jaga has heated some of the world’s most acclaimed building projects, including 7 More London, Federation Tower, Moscow, The Telephonica HQ in Madrid and the Dail in Dublin, but is also the smart, sustainable choice for projects as diverse as social housing, private homes, community centers, schools and universities.


Jan Kriekels
Is a unique scientific climate laboratory for comparative studies and simulations between different heating or cooling systems. The Lab consists of a 600 m3 climate chamber and a multi-functional auditorium. jagalab-mini-01
There are 2 identical test rooms in the climate chamber. Extreme weather conditions can be simulated, with temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, which means thats heating as well as cooling systems can be tested and compared. jagalab-mini-02
Several measurements are carried out simultaneously in the climate chamber and test rooms: air temperature, temperature of the walls, black bulb radiation temperature, flow and return water temperature, CO2 level, humidity etc. jagalab-mini-03
A total of 120 measurements are captured and recorded on the-spot by the climate logger in the control room. All the data can then be visualised and projected so that visitors in the auditorium can follow the tests live. jagalab-mini-04
jagalab-mini-05 jagalab-mini-06 jagalab-mini-07 jagalab-mini-08 jagalab-mini-09
Please visit for more information and measurement results.

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